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Welcome to the U.S. Energy Institute.  

Our mission is to help make our nation fully sustainable-- ecologically, socially, and financially.

Our energy efficiency and renewable energy programs include scientific and economic research, professional training and certification, and various public outreach and community education programs related to energy efficiency, renewable energy and broader environmental stewardship.   

Our programs have been designed not only to meet the needs of industry professionals and policymakers, but also to meet the energy and financial needs of citizens and sustainable businesses all across the United States, to whom we dedicate our efforts. 

By including all stakeholders in our programs, we are highly confident that we can work together to solve our nation's most pressing economic and environmental issues.  Best of all, 
you can help advance our common mission starting today.  Listed below are three principal ways you can help: 

1.  Join the National Zero-Net-Energy Demonstration Programtm 
This research program emphasizes Cost-effective
Zero-Net-Energy homes, buildings and associated transportation systems.

Whether you're a homeowner, architect, engineer, builder, or other industry professional, this program empowers you to help radically transform how the nation both produces and uses energy. 

By participating, you will help improve our nation's Energy Independence and Energy Security, while also helping to mitigate adverse global climate change.  Plus, zero-net-energy homeowners can put some extra cash in their pockets through significant energy cost savings, and industry professionals can also benefit by growing their businesses. 

2.  Register for Professional Training in Zero-Net-Energy Homes.  Learn to design, analyze, and certify homes & buildings to achieve True Zero-Net-Energy -- one of the world's most aggressive, yet easy to measure and certify, energy and environmental design protocols.   

3.  Attend one or several Community Education Programs.   
Learn more about energy efficiency, renewable energy, and broader environmental stewardship.  Better yet, learn how a little community cooperation can save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of effort when improving your home's energy efficiency, or when installing solar energy. 

   Join citizens across America...
    Help make Energy & Environmental History!

 The U.S. Energy Institute Invites You to Participate in the

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