United States Energy Institute™

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Community Education Programs

USEI offers a wide range of community energy education programs to interested community groups, generally free of charge.

have a great opportunity to learn the latest about:

    -  Building a Zero-Net-Energy, Carbon-Neutral Home

    -  Installing Solar, Wind, and other Renewable Energy Systems

    -  Integrating Plug-in Hybrid Cars at home, school, and work

    -  Creating a Green Roof, optionally with Urban Agriculture

    -  Rainwater Harvesting, and much, much more...

In addition to attending community lectures and town-hall discussions, we also recommend visiting any of the following sites to learn more about our energy use, how it affects the environment, and what we can do about it -- either as individual citizens, or as a community working toward a common objective.

For basic tips on reducing energy consumption in your home or business, we currently recommend visiting the web site of the following organization:

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE):   http://www.energy.gov

To learn more about how to collaborate with your neighbors to reduce both the cost and hassle of improving energy efficiency and/or installing solar energy, please visit

The Solar Coop Networktm

Please check back with us periodically to learn the latest findings and recommendations from the U.S. Energy Institute based on our ongoing research, as well as for additional links to other helpful organizations.